The demand for residence was always high in Delhi and this led to shooting up of the prices there. The NCR urban centres offered some of the best deals as regards affordability and connectivity too! While the newly developed hinterland of Delhi provided relatively cheaper houses to the people who were seeking to venture out to better and expanded living places the road and metro extensions over the time made the pull more potent. In fact metro connectivity proved to be a wonder addition which integrated the NCR almost in all aspects with the Delhi’s society and economy. The concept of hinterland lost completely and we saw the evolution of an integrated Delhi.


Delhi NCR properties also developed differentiations and gradations for different sections of the customers. The developers responded to the diverse needs that evolved over the time. Multi stories apartments were presented as preferred choice of affordable housing by the developers while villas and plots were also put forth as for the high end customers. Development of commercial spaces was on a high during the last decade in the NCR.


The developers focused their attention to project the extended Delhi as a premium space with integrated market and shopping cum recreation zones. Mall in Noida with multi screen cinema and recreational parks and trails were attempted by the private developers to attract the best customer base of Delhi to aspire for a living space in the NCR! Consequently, for residential and office property Delhi, NCR emerged as a desired destination for the people and the corporate respectively. The earmarking of distinct spaces for commercial and residential use through appropriate policy made the developmental process smooth and robust.


In the last few years many famed developers have laid out grand plans to showcase their potential in the construction sector and have also entered into joint ventures with leading realty brands of the world. A top real estate company in Noida is engaged in the construction of some of the iconic residential projects in Noida which boast of beauty and strength! Integrated complexes are also being developed and marketed at large. Surely the NCR has evolved as sought after locale for the people and a lucrative hotspot for the realty players!


Noida beautiful city in north India is completely equipped with all the necessary amenities of life it is also a good option for buying houses, flats, etc. Buying residential property in Noida is a profitable and a highly satisfactory task to undertake.

The city is a fine example of a perfect combination of industry and natural resources. It has advanced infrastructural facilities. It is connected to the capital city of India via metro network. Its proximity to the Indira Gandhi International Airport has facilitated the global markets to expand their businesses here. It is a hub of leading Indian as well as global IT, BPO and ITES companies. It has emerged as the most highly and skillfully planned cities in Asia. There is a huge amount of commercial space in Noida providing many more companies to set up their business ventures here.

It is growing as a city rich in almost all aspects and sectors of economy. Many universities, colleges and schools have been established here which are now counted among the world’s best institutions. Many public sector banks are setting up their branches and main offices here looking at its increasing significance. There is a lot of office space in Noida which can accommodate more number of bank branches and other important offices. The top real estate companies in Noida are also on the top rankings in the whole Asian continent as well.

Thus, we can conclude that over the four decades Noida has grown as a remarkable pace and is still boosting up its growth rate. It has undoubtedly become one of the most lucrative realty destinations in India.


Due to the availability of all the basic amenities and other things of luxury at all stages of development and at affordable prices buying flats in Greater Noida always seems to be a choice worth making. The presence of the country’s best colleges, institutes, schools, parks, etc. have contributed to a great extent in the growth of this region as the hottest real estate destination for many people. Well known business persons, industrial tycoons, Non Resident Indians prefer this region for establishing their offices or industries and even buying plots for residential purposes. Many renowned companies have set up their branch offices and call centers here due to the rich availability of office space in Greater Noida. Further it can be attributed to its closeness to Delhi and the use optical fiber technology for hassle-free broadband services.

Many real estate companies have pioneered in launching their residential projects in this city. Most of these projects have turned out to be a great success. It is due to the excellent drainage system, highly efficient power distribution system, scientifically planned layout, wide network of malls, supermarkets, etc. which have led to the growth of this region as one of the most preferred alternative for buying or establishing residential project in Greater Noida. It is also one of the most prominent centers of numerous national as well as international IT, ITES and BPO companies. The administrative headquarters of Noida is situated in Greater Noida. It is one of those integrated industrial townships in India that contribute immensely in the GDP growth of the country.

Thus, it can be concluded that money invested in the property and apartment in greater Noida is, money well utilized. The presence of the green belt throughout the region depicts the awareness and concern that the development authorities have regarding pollution free environment. It is a region well furnished with all the basic and lucrative facilities which are making it become the favorite choices of many more people not only the affluent class but also the people for whom maintaining and working within the budget is important. Thus, it serves the purpose of all kinds of people.


Many companies are coming up with new ventures and plans to be implemented in Noida. A number of Non-Resident Indians and other good investors are readily investing their money into the new real estate projects in Noida. The reason for such a keen interest shown by high profile investors can be attributed to the long term potential gains that this city promises to give in the future and the better comforts that will cater to the needs of the more discrete clients. There are already many good and highly facilitated malls in Noida and many more are in the process of construction.

Many business tycoons are also coming up with large investments to make in the real estate properties in the city. It is because of the large commercial space in Noida which is alluring these wealthy investors and other people to invest their hard earned money here. Since it is also a home of many national and international ITES, IT and BPO companies, the interest of large number of investors is going to increase even more. Furthermore, the issue of connectivity is also solved for properties located here due to the strong linkage through metro stations to many connected cities like Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, etc.

Thus, it can be concluded that the city is transforming into a center of hot realty destination. It is a highly developed and advanced city. If you are planning to start a business or want to buy a flat in Noida then you do not need to think of any other place except this to get the best dealings and that too at affordable prices. It is a prospering business here and is trending towards enhancement and progress and is greatly reliable that it will not suffer any setbacks.


The malls in Noida are by no means less as compared to Delhi. Most national and international brands have found space here along with a series of eating outlets. Noida real estate projects have clubbed these shopping malls with world class amusement parks to attract people of all age groups. They also have cinema halls to provide all around entertainment. The high footfall at such places depicts their popularity and more of such places are always a welcome. Therefore the companies engaged in development of malls are never at a loss anywhere around the world.

As the population density in the city has increased many folds in the past few years, the demand for commercial space in Noida is also on the rise. Many real estate firms are developing commercial projects having a high tech and ultra-modern infrastructure targeting clients that want their offices to be one of their kinds. Though the heart of the city is mostly occupied these projects are developing in sectors that are around 10-20 km from the main city.

The real estate companies in Noida have also seen a complete transformation in the past decade. With the advent of new technologies, innovative and environment friendly architecture has completely take over the conventional patterns. The application of glass and wood in infrastructure gives the buildings an appealing and broader look. There are many competitors in this industry but only those who fulfill their commitments on time should be preferred.  A personal visit to the projects completed by them would also give an idea of the quality of work done by them.


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