Dream Home in Greater Noida one of the emerging townships in Delhi-NCR
25.02.2014 12:22

Due to the availability of all the basic amenities and other things of luxury at all stages of development and at affordable prices buying flats in Greater Noida always seems to be a choice worth making. The presence of the country’s best colleges, institutes, schools, parks, etc. have contributed to a great extent in the growth of this region as the hottest real estate destination for many people. Well known business persons, industrial tycoons, Non Resident Indians prefer this region for establishing their offices or industries and even buying plots for residential purposes. Many renowned companies have set up their branch offices and call centers here due to the rich availability of office space in Greater Noida. Further it can be attributed to its closeness to Delhi and the use optical fiber technology for hassle-free broadband services.

Many real estate companies have pioneered in launching their residential projects in this city. Most of these projects have turned out to be a great success. It is due to the excellent drainage system, highly efficient power distribution system, scientifically planned layout, wide network of malls, supermarkets, etc. which have led to the growth of this region as one of the most preferred alternative for buying or establishing residential project in Greater Noida. It is also one of the most prominent centers of numerous national as well as international IT, ITES and BPO companies. The administrative headquarters of Noida is situated in Greater Noida. It is one of those integrated industrial townships in India that contribute immensely in the GDP growth of the country.

Thus, it can be concluded that money invested in the property and apartment in greater Noida is, money well utilized. The presence of the green belt throughout the region depicts the awareness and concern that the development authorities have regarding pollution free environment. It is a region well furnished with all the basic and lucrative facilities which are making it become the favorite choices of many more people not only the affluent class but also the people for whom maintaining and working within the budget is important. Thus, it serves the purpose of all kinds of people.


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