Greater Noida – A Dream Destination for Your Residence
05.02.2014 11:48

Delhi being the capital city of India received major influx of capital and human resource in the last decades. Concentration of economic activities in and around Delhi also produced demand for associated infrastructure and social needs of housing. With the success of Noida city, Greater Noida emerged as a planned extension through appropriate public policy interventions and subsequent capital boost by the private players. With Delhi expressing its inability to further bear the demographic over load, people began to venture out for newer locales that could offer affordable housing options to them. Consequently we witnessed a spurt in development of residential property in Greater Noida in the last decade. As demand for residential spaces boomed major realty players ventured into the region to cash the potential profits.

The city resonated well to the urban sprawl needs of Delhi by providing a ready cushion space for further developmental and expansion needs of the society and the economy of the latter. As for residential projects Greater Noida came up with some of the best town planning options which boasted of pristine infrastructure facilities that were many a times missing even in Delhi city region.

Noida and Greater Noida both were developed as planned satellite urban centers of Delhi with the aim of easing congestion of economic and social dimensions. Farming community of the NCR region benefited a lot from the demand driven spiraling of their farm land. This land was acquired and subsequently developed by real estate developers into residential complexes and projects. The last decade saw a major demand emerging for flats in Greater Noida and this was fuelled by the educated working classes of the Delhi who were looking for affordable housing in the vicinity of Delhi. Located at comfortable distance from the capital it emerged as a preferred choice for them.


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