New Residential Projects by top Real Estate Company in Delhi-NCR
13.03.2014 18:12

The demand for residence was always high in Delhi and this led to shooting up of the prices there. The NCR urban centres offered some of the best deals as regards affordability and connectivity too! While the newly developed hinterland of Delhi provided relatively cheaper houses to the people who were seeking to venture out to better and expanded living places the road and metro extensions over the time made the pull more potent. In fact metro connectivity proved to be a wonder addition which integrated the NCR almost in all aspects with the Delhi’s society and economy. The concept of hinterland lost completely and we saw the evolution of an integrated Delhi.


Delhi NCR properties also developed differentiations and gradations for different sections of the customers. The developers responded to the diverse needs that evolved over the time. Multi stories apartments were presented as preferred choice of affordable housing by the developers while villas and plots were also put forth as for the high end customers. Development of commercial spaces was on a high during the last decade in the NCR.


The developers focused their attention to project the extended Delhi as a premium space with integrated market and shopping cum recreation zones. Mall in Noida with multi screen cinema and recreational parks and trails were attempted by the private developers to attract the best customer base of Delhi to aspire for a living space in the NCR! Consequently, for residential and office property Delhi, NCR emerged as a desired destination for the people and the corporate respectively. The earmarking of distinct spaces for commercial and residential use through appropriate policy made the developmental process smooth and robust.


In the last few years many famed developers have laid out grand plans to showcase their potential in the construction sector and have also entered into joint ventures with leading realty brands of the world. A top real estate company in Noida is engaged in the construction of some of the iconic residential projects in Noida which boast of beauty and strength! Integrated complexes are also being developed and marketed at large. Surely the NCR has evolved as sought after locale for the people and a lucrative hotspot for the realty players!


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